The level of knowledge needed in the paper industry is very high. Continuously changing process conditions and machinery require a wide understanding.

Employees change, new people come to the company, raw material changes, new chemicals are added, new units are installed, machines are getting faster providing new problems, productivity needs to be improved... there are many cases where the level of knowledge of the whole team is needed. 

ABCFIN offers standard courses like:

Fundamental of Paper Making (from wood to paper), Stock preparation, Wet end chemistry, Yield improvement, Paper machine operation, Winding, Quality Management, Laboratory measurements, Packaging paper production, Sticky removal, trouble shooting, soft skills (communication, team management, time management, burn-out prevention) just to name a few. 

ABCFIN also provide custom-made trainings for 

- Single persons

- Groups 

- Mills 

Customer training are always fit to customer needs, products and schedule. We use also qualified external trainers for specific topics. 

We have been providing hundreds trainings in different countries. Prof. Dr. Jukka Valkama, founder of ABCFIN, also offers trainings for Papercenter in Gernsbach and teaches at State University in Karlsruhe. 


If you are interested in training to improve the level of knowledge of your company, contact us!